Genre: Documentary

Running time: 77 min

Country: SAD

Director: Sandy McLeod


How do we preserve and protect the diversity of our food supply against the encroaching dangers posed by the disruptive weather patterns to our supply of food? How do we make sure that there are enough varieties of potatoes and rice, etc. to resist the threats of pestilence and drought as the climate changes around the world? An almost invisible effort has been made to preserve these seeds in seed banks around the world with a "vault" inside a mountain in Norway. These efforts are crucial to the future of the planet and yet they are severely underfunded. The film is told through the eyes of agricultural scientist Cary Fowler who puts a human face on the issue through his worldwide efforts on this issue. Seeds of Time is beautifully filmed with natural photography from across the US, Russia, Peru, Norway and numerous other locations. Food security is at the heart of the survival of the planet and this is a vitally important issue for us all to learn about.