Rijeka Green Film Festival is a project Association of Eco Social Forum - ESF aimed promovrati sustainable development and all the ideas and the values ​​for which encourage the protection of nature with as greater social engagement . We think that film festivals are one of the most attractive ways that may attract the interest of the general public , and therefore once again draw attention to the problems of nature conservation , social justice and the development of democracy

Rijeka Green Film Festival - is a fim festival that talk about topics that are associated with the green lifestyle . Environmental protection , healthy food , renewable energy , climate change , protection of animals , the problem of drinking water , health , waste management , concepts of green cities and similar topics are the focus of this festival .

Best film prize was awarded "Green Seahorse Award "

The motto of the Green Film Festival is " let's make it green " and therefore do everything in our power to make the environment in which we live become even more beautiful , healthier , happier and " greener " .